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SET Ixworth School GCSE results 2021
  • 74% achieved grades 9 to 4 in English and Maths

Pia Parker, SET Ixworth Head of School, said: “We’re immensely proud of all of our students for their hard work and success in their GCSEs. We strive to create a happy community where pupils are well prepared for adult life and that has certainly continued through Covid-19.

We helped them to understand how important it is to use lockdown constructively, so they can continue to achieve their potential and be productive. This included continuing to focus on learning, with many Year 11 students undertaking additional educational opportunities online and completing preparation activities for their A-level and college courses. Additionally, many students worked with our teachers to offer their time to the community, including the delivery of shopping to shielding families and raising money for charity by taking on various running or biking challenges.

I’m really impressed with how they didn’t just cope but embraced the anxious and uncertain time”.

Success Stories

Budding photographer and make-up artist, Hannah Warrington, aged 16 from Stanton, achieved four Grade 5s for German and the Sciences, five Grade 6s for Statistics, Maths, History, English Literature and English Language, a Grade 7 for Drama and a Grade 9 for Photography.

Pictured is Hannah Warrington.

Hannah said, “I am really pleased about all my grades, especially English and Drama, I didnt expect to get the grades I did, so I’m really happy.

I really loved my time at this school, especially the creative topics I studies. It was hard to study during lockdown, but the teachers made virtual classes a lot of fun.

I am joining West Suffolk College in September to do make-up artistry and it would be my dream to create my own make-up line.”

Holly Bamber from Thetford achieved 11 GCSEs in Grades 6 to 9.

Pictured is Holly Bamber.

“It’s just such a relief, I’m so happy with my grades. I’m dyslexic so I was worried about English, but the teachers have been so supportive, and I’ve worked really hard to get such high grades.

I’ve absolutely loved my time at SET Ixworth, I’ve made loads of new friends and felt like I really belonged here.

I’m now going to Abbeygate Sixth Form College to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level and I’m aiming for a career as a Nuclear Physicist.”

Other successes at the school include:

Matthew Canhan, aged 15, from a village near Thetford, achieved six Grade 6s for Photography, Drama, English Literature, English Language, Maths and Statistics, four Grade 5s in the Sciences and German, and a Grade 4 in History.

Pictured is Matthew Canhan.

“I’m mostly shocked with my results, especially in the Sciences, but really happy that I achieved more than I thought I would.

I loved my time at school, they had so many opportunities for us all to take part in. Studying during lockdown was hard because we didn’t have the same interaction with the teachers, but we all got through it with the support from the teachers.

The opportunities that were available to me at the school gave me the idea to go into multimedia journalism, which I will be studying at West Suffolk College later this year.”

Daniel Buckley, age 16, from Stanton, was really surprised to achieve five top Grade 9s (equivalent to A**) in English Literature, Geography, History, Physics and German (the school’s first Grade in a language subject) as well as a Grade 8 in Drama, and Grade 7 in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Statistics.

Pictured is Daniel Buckley.

“I never really liked Physics, I thought I’d be lucky to pass but I put in lots of hard work, and I’mamazed I got a Grade 9.

It’s been such an achievement to make it through lockdown and get these grades. In January, we didn’t know what would happen, so it’s just been a massive achievement.

As SET Ixworth is a small school, I’ve had lots of great opportunities and I’ve really made the most of my time here, they’ve been really supportive.”