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Paul Rearden

Paul Rearden

Trust Lead for Art and SET Ixworth

When and why did you join the Seckford Education Trust?

I joined in 2015; I had worked in large schools previously and was really drawn to the thought of working with students in a school where there was an opportunity to know each student as an individual and create a strong sense of community, where personally I would be given the opportunity to devise a curriculum that could respond to and inspire every student who stepped into the school.

How has the Seckford Education Trust supported your development?

Support is the key word, from the very start I have felt supported in my career development, encouraged to challenge myself and develop my role, to think about my department, faculty and the whole school and how I as an individual and as part of the staff can help continue to drive the school’s progress forward. I am currently taking a L6 course in Careers Leadership and have been really encouraged to take on the responsibility of this role, developing an understanding of an area that has long been an interest to me.

Which specific aspects of the Seckford Education Trust’s CPD offer had the most impact on you?

Seeing how small changes introduced in whole school internal CPD can have such a positive effect when all the staff collaborate and apply their learning consistently; being given the opportunity to read widely around a range of T&L topics and to apply this knowledge to my own practise.

What would you say to someone considering applying for a job within the Seckford Education Trust?

If you care about the education of every student in your school, if you want to support them throughout their journey, if you want to feel like part of a community that wants success for their children and you want a lot of fun and enjoyment in the process, then come and work at the SET.

Where do you see yourself in the Seckford Education Trust in 5 years?

I want to continue to improve my skills as an educator and a leader, I want to provide all the students and staff I work with the opportunity to develop and challenge themselves to be the best they can; as technologies develop, I can see their integration into traditional T&L becoming more prevalent and I want to help lead this transition across the SET. As a Careers Leader I hope to see a successful and evolving careers program firmly embedded so that we can watch our students continue their successes well beyond leaving the school.