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Louise Ramsey

Louise Ramsey

Lead Practitioner MFL

When and why did you join the Seckford Education Trust?

I joined the Seckford Education Trust in January 2017.  I was looking for a job more local to home and one which would fit in with my family, so when a position became available at Ixworth I was delighted.  Not least because I had attended Ixworth Middle School as a student, so it felt great to be returning to work in the area I had grown up in. The Trust places a lot of emphasis on community and this aspect really appealed to me. The school offered me a part-time position and has always been extremely flexible, allowing me to achieve a good balance between juggling the demands of teaching with the demands of a young family.

How has the Seckford Education Trust supported your development?

I joined Seckford Education Trust post maternity leave and had lost quite a lot of confidence in the time I had been away from the classroom.  With the help of an excellent coach and the support of colleagues, I regained my confidence and the enthusiasm to constantly strive to improve my practice.  There is a strong culture of collaborative working and sharing best practice within the Trust, this also helps with continued development.

Which specific aspects of the Seckford Education Trust’s CPD offer had the most impact on you?

The coaching programme has definitely had the most impact on me.  In the four years I have been with the Seckford Education Trust my confidence has grown immeasurably thanks to the support I have received.  I have recently taken on a Lead Practitioner role, something I couldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago.

What would you say to someone considering applying for a job within the Seckford Education Trust?

Due to the relatively small size of the schools, there is very much a family feel to working in the Trust and you do feel part of a supportive community.  If you have high expectations of yourself, enjoy working collaboratively and want to really feel like you are making a difference, then I would say go for it.

Where do you see yourself in the Seckford Education Trust in 5 years?

I love my subject and being in the classroom, so I would hope to still be leading on MFL.  In particular, I hope to be involved in helping to train MFL teachers of the future as I will be approaching the tail end of my career!