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An insight into our School from one of our students

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am 11 years old and I joined Ixworth Free School in September 2018, I am in year 7.

I have absolutely loved my first term at Ixworth free School; it has been the greatest experience of my life so far. I never would have thought that I would be so happy at senior school. All of the teachers are so supportive and lovely. I have many new lessons, such as DT, Philosophy and Ethics, French, Drama and Enrichment where I have tried Football, Rugby, Team building and my favourite Debating. When it was raining the field was soaking wet we couldn’t have Enrichment that week, so we had a big general knowledge quiz, in the new hall which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I go into school each day I feel so excited for the day to start. Mr Barrow knows all of our names, and if we do special work, we get invited to sign his special book the “Headteacher’s Book”, which I have done twice. When I first started in September, I was very nervous, maybe up until half-term. Now I feel a lot more confident. I think this is because the teachers look after us very well and support us in everything we do. Mr Budden is my form tutor, I am 7X. We have lots of fun in tutor time, watch Newsround and play games. Mr Budden is always available to us if we need to talk or tell him anything.

Even in the short time I have been at Ixworth, there have already been lots of opportunities to do exciting things in addition to the normal lessons. Early in October, I took part in the “Book Mastermind” competition. I didn’t get to round 2, but it was very enjoyable. I will definitely have another try next year. In History we made Roman shields and then did a re-enactment of a Roman battle. The Library is open for us each lunch time, and I go in there most days to read, play chess or a game with some friends. Some lunchtimes I play table tennis, which is great fun!

I have made new friends which I am very happy about as I was very worried that I wouldn’t and be lonely.

I love the uniform, it is very smart and comfortable and I feel proud and confident in it.

The Restaurant food is absolutely gorgeous and I have tried lots of new things. We have “Kitchens of the Globe” and that is when foods from all around the world are cooked. We have had one this term and that was Greek food, beef kebab with rice, it was lovely.

Another thing I absolutely love are the amazing exercise books, I have never seen anything like it. They have a lovely photo on the front cover that describes the lesson, for example for Maths it is a protractor and a compass with squared paper underneath. French has the Eiffel Tower, English has a close up of a golden fountain pen. Inside the books have lots of information about what things we will be learning over the five years of senior school.

I am having a wonderful first term and look forward to the next fourteen terms ahead of me!

Hannah, Year 7