To contact an individual member of staff it is the first initial and surname followed by An example would be as follows: Mr Ryan Pitcock –

Teaching staff

Headteacher Mr M Barrow
Senior Teacher / Subject Leader (Maths) Mr C  Beales
Designated Safeguarding Lead / Joint SENCO Mrs S Bell
Head of School Mrs P Parker
Senior Tutor / Teacher (Science) Mr R Pitcock
Cross Trust Assistant Headteacher Mr R Battle
Cross Trust Assistant Headteacher Mrs E Isaac
Cross Trust Assistant Headteacher Mr J Pentney
Cross-Trust Lead Practitioner (English) Mrs A Mellor
Cross-Trust Lead Practitioner (Humanities) Mr J Woolven
1:1 Tutor Mrs S Atkins
1:1 Maths Tutor Mr K Bradley
Subject Leader (Science) Mr T Budden
Teacher (Maths and PE) Miss C Cahillane
Subject Leader (Creative) / Teacher (Art) Mr P Calvesbert-Rearden
Teaching and Learning Coach Mrs H Creswell
Teacher (Geography) Mr W Dexter
Subject Leader (English) Mr B Hale
Teacher (Drama and English) Mrs K Hale
1:1 Tutor Mr C Harcourt
Teacher (Science and Maths) Mr J Higgins
Senior Tutor/ Teacher (History) Mr M Jackson
Teacher (MFL) Mrs C Kelly
Teacher (Technology) Mr M Langford
Lead Teacher (PE) Mr R Mannington
Teacher (MFL) Mrs L Ramsey
Teacher (Music and Maths) / Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr P Spurin
Teacher (History and Philosophy and Ethics) Mr M Spurrier
Teacher (English) Miss P Wilkinson

Support Staff

Trust Leadership Group Assistant Mrs J Skelt
Senior Administrative Assistant Miss L Hunt
Science Technician Miss C Bass
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs A Campbell
General Catering Assistant Miss S Clayton
Teaching Assistant Miss R Cox
Trust Data Administrator Mrs J Fuller
Chef Manager Mr P Narvidge
School Administration Officer with Exams Mrs S Pike
Assistant DSL; Pastoral Support Assistant Mr H Popham-Cooper
Caretaker Mr S Trigg
Cook Mrs A Upton
Pastoral Support Assistant Mrs T Ward-Ashton
Attendance and Admissions Officer