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To contact an individual member of staff it is the first initial and surname followed by @seckfordeducation.org.uk. An example would be as follows: Mr Ryan Pitcock – rpitcock@seckfordeducation.org.uk.

Teaching staff

Executive HeadteacherMr M Barrow
Head of SchoolMrs P Parker
Assistant Head of SchoolMr M Jackson
Assistant Head of SchoolMr R Pitcock
Trust Lead Practitioner (Maths)Mr C Beales
Trust Lead Practitioner (Science)Mr T Budden
Trust Lead Practitioner (Creative Arts)Mrs K Hale
Trust Lead Practitioner (MFL)Mrs L Ramsey
Teacher (Maths and PE)Miss A Allston
Cross-Trust 1:1 TutorMiss F Alzahra
1:1 Tutor (English)Mrs S Atkins
Teacher (PE and Public Services)Miss G Burgess
Subject Leader (Creative) / Teacher (Art)Mr P Calvesbert-Rearden
Teaching and Learning CoachMrs H Creswell
Teacher (History and Geography)Mr J Debenham
1:1 Tutor (English)Mrs N deBungard
Teacher (Geography)Mr W Dexter
Specialist Unit TeacherMiss S Dickson
Teacher (English); Assistant SENCoMrs J Haddow
Teacher (MFL)Mrs K Hansen
Teacher (Science)Mr S Henry
Teacher (Science and Maths)Mr J Higgins
Teacher (MFL)Mrs C Kelly
Teacher (Technology)Mr M Langford
Cross-Trust 1:1 TutorMs S Langley
Lead Teacher (PE)Mr R Mannington
1:1 Maths/ English TutorMr K Maxton
1:1 Maths TutorMrs A Nichol
Teacher (Music and Maths) / Assistant Designated Safeguarding LeadMr P Spurin
Teacher (History and Philosophy and Ethics)Mr M Spurrier
Subject Leader (English)Mrs K Stroud
KS3 Literacy Co-ordinator and Teacher (English)Miss P Wilkinson

Support Staff

Trust Leadership Group AssistantMrs J Skelt
Senior Administrative AssistantMrs R Blackley
Science TechnicianMrs C Bass
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs A Campbell
General Catering AssistantMiss S Clayton
SEN Teaching AssistantMrs M Durrant
Trust Data AdministratorMrs J Fuller
Apprentice Administration AssistantMiss Gierada
Specialist Unit SEN Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs K Harrison
SEN Teaching AssistantMiss J McBride
Teaching AssistantMrs K O’Halloran
Chef ManagerMr P Pilmer
Inclusion Lead; Designated Safeguarding LeadMr H Popham-Cooper
Administration and Exams AssistantMrs J Pledger
General Catering AssistantMiss T Sutton
Site ManagerMr S Trigg
CookMrs A Upton
Pastoral Support OfficerMrs T Ward-Ashton
Pastoral Support AssistantMiss L Whayman