End of Year Examinations and Revision

Information for students

As well as the revision guides, there are all some very useful videos below:

Information for parents

Parents can help your child to prepare for these examinations by:

– Ensuring that your son/daughter has a copy of the examination timetable and content to revise for each examination;
– Encouraging your son/daughter to plan a sensible programme of revision and make sure that he/she sticks to it;
– Where possible, providing a quiet area for him/her to revise in;If your son/daughter is unsure of any aspect of his/her revision, remind him/her to seek the help of a teacher at School;
– Encouraging him/her to keep a good balance between learning and leisure;
– Checking that he/she has the correct equipment for each day of the examinations.

Please click here to download an exam guide for parents