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Executive Headteacher: Mr M Barrow
Head of School: Mrs P Parker

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The term concludes like no other – no frisson of happiness at our students enjoying their final moments of their summer enrichment week activities and work experience; no palpable reflection of an of anticipation for those endless days of summer on student faces in the final celebration assembly of the year. A term like no other. However, what I have seen are students and teachers coming together to ensure optimal learning; acts of genuine kindness from our student body towards their friends, family, teachers and community to ensure morale remains high; examples of brilliance and a genuine love of learning through the various Trust competitions and work completed via ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Google Meet’. Even without the School we all cherish being physically open to all students, its heart still beats.


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The government has made us aware of a scam aimed at families receiving free school meals. Please refer to this link, in particular point 2.2: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/esfa-update-1-april-2020/esfa-update-academies-1-april-2020 As suggested, if you receive such an email, please do not respond and delete it immediately.

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